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Shot in November 2022 by Blake Heywood Sanders, at Hardwick Studios in Brunswick, Menswear 01 serves as an inspiration tool for anyone thinking of commissioning a Tomba garment. If you’ve no idea - now you have. What should I wear to my wedding? - He’s our answer. A new Sports Jacket? - Here's our answer. Elevated casual wear? - Here’s our answer. 


The looks are transeasonal, with a bit of a summer lean. There’s lots of linen from Solbiati and Loro Piana and light weight wools too. The idea isn’t to be too trendy - priority one was that it should seem wearable, approachable, optimistic, and benevolent to all (this is also why we cropped out the models head he was too good looking). 


The tailoring is softly structured and not overly fitted, we call it elegantly loose, but far from sloppy, you know just sprezzy.  


We hope that this collection helps inspire your next outfit or wardrobe addition, and to make the whole process easier. We had lots of fun making it and we hope you enjoy looking.


Until Menswear 02

- Tomba. 

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