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Tomba Wardrobe 03_1.heic

Wardrobe 03

Shot on location in the best suburb in Melbourne by Vinny Locong  we bring you Tomba Wardrobe 03. A capsule collection of casual looks, some new pieces, and some existing - reimagined. You knew we do suits but did you know that we do all the other great stuff perfect for the pub or the park? 


The term “Shoulder Season” typically refers to the travel industry but in the context of clothing it can mean when it’s not necessarily hot or cold or maybe days that have a little of both. Wardrobe 03 considers this conundrum with use of shorts, layers that can be done up and undone, and the use of cottons and silk blends. Our upcoming sunglasses get a a good workout too. The transparent lense fitting in perfectly with the theme of the shoot.


A healthy dose of colour is also in abundance - typically Tomba. The style is also a little louche in appearance, we don’t strive for perfection, but rather perfectly imperfect. 


We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them. 

Until Wardrobe 04 stay approachable, benevolent, and optimistic. Forza.

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