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Suits were never meant to be products that were ready to wear.

Suits are too nuanced; the fit, the design, everything.

That’s why we believe made to measure is the only way. 

We also believe that talking to an expert should be enjoyable, not daunting or intimidating, so if you don’t know much about this kind of thing that’s totally fine.


Let Tomba help. 




The process starts with a conversation. Obligation free, casual. This can be done over the phone or in person out of our showroom. Here we will get an understanding of what the garments are for and, what you like, we will also run through how the whole thing works from start to finish. 

Although we take a very keen interest in style and making you look your best - we aren't stylists we are clothiers. It’s not critical, but it’s good to have a little bit of an idea of what you like. Save instagram or pinterest pictures, show us and off we go. 


First Fitting 

At your first fitting we will measure you up, using our master garment try on system, here you’ll actually try on garments that fit well, from here we make a series of manipulations from this starting size to make it a size that is completely yours. This is based on our expert recommendations and your preferences. 


When that’s all done we then get to the fun part - cloth and design. We work with the best Italian mills such as Loro Piana, Ariston, Carnet, VBC, Drago, Fratelli Del Fino and more. We then figure out how the garments will look in terms of jacket and trouser design. We also touch on the internal construction - we really love our garments to be as lightweight as possible - Italian tailoring sensibilities, that are perfect for Australia.  

The options are endless, but don’t worry we are here to listen and guide you into the right choice. Once you’re happy we take payment upfront so we can buy the cloth and get production started.


Second Fitting 

After 5 weeks the second fitting takes place. At this fitting your clothes are more or less ready to wear, however in made to measure we strive for best fit possible - so any alterations we can make to garments to get them looking even better we will make them. We do this locally and it takes about 2 weeks depending on workload.


Third Fitting 

If alterations were required at your second fitting, at their completion the third fitting is a final check to make sure everything is good and ready to be worn. If so then that’s it.


See you next time.

We keep your measurements on record to make reordering super easy.

Get in touch through our booking form if you have any additional questions

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