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BYBHS_2023.05 2.heic

Tomba Wardrobe 02.

Shot by Blake Heywood Sanders, and modelled by Chloe at Hardwick Studios in Melbourne's inner north, Menswear 02 is a mix of mostly wintery made to measure tailoring and a spattering of our ready to wear offerings. We chose to shoot this latest collection on Chloe, firstly because she wears it so well, secondly because this is the wardrobe your partner will take great delight in stealing. Who cares right? It’s all clothes 


Outerwear features prominently with traditional overcoats made from corduroy, heavy lambs wool, and baby camel hair from Loro Piana. The brand new Field Jacket makes its debut also - a pocket heavy casual outer-garment based on traditional military uniforms made from water resistant technical fabrics from Italian supplier Olmetex. 

Our silk cotton knitwear and denim, blends in seamlessly with tailoring giving you a perfect example of how casual wear and more "formal" pieces can sit alongside each other in a sartorial wardrobe. Button up shirts have made way for polos, t shirts, and sweaters for this shoot, all of which look really at home under our tailored jackets - which are as always structured as minimally as humanly possible. This is our take on modern tailoring - casual and approachable but still smart. 

Our colour palette is a bit of mix but we firmly believe that colder months needn't be dressed in dark colours only. Off white wool flannel blazers are paired with our made to order beige cashmere sweaters,  and our ever faithful yellow makes its compulsory winter debut. 

We hope you love this as much as we did making it for you. Until Menswear 03 stay approachable, benevolent, and optimistic. 


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