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Knitted in a chunky 7 gauge 100% cotton, this is the ultimate in transseasonal dressing. A jumper yes, but when made from cotton its more cool to the touch than woolen yarn. The slightly open weave allows for air to pass through as well. Perfect for those days when you aren't sure if its hot or not. Sling it over your shoulders when its a little too warm, pop it back on properly when the sun starts to go down and you've got the outside table. 


This jumper has a slight vintage or nostalgic sensibility, the colour is slighlty faded or washed out to give a lived in appearnce.  The colour has been developed exclusivey for Tomba. 


- Ribbed neck, hem, and cuffs, 

- Fits true to size , sligtly boxy 

- 100% Cotton 

- Yarn dyed

- 7 Gauge knit


Cotton Sweater - Vintage Navy


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